Since its inception in July of 2009, Halo has been firmly devoted to offering only the very best e-liquids available on the market. Using 100% USA-made food-grade and pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, every single component that goes into Halo’s e-juices is of the absolute highest quality. It is due to this commitment to unparalleled excellence that has earned Halo its reputation as one of the most highly-regarded, coveted, and trusted brand names within the vaping community.

Established in New Jersey by Jason Del Giudice, Jeffrey Stamler, and his brother Ken Stamler, Halo has always strived to offer vapers from around the world premium e-juices at affordable prices. In order to ensure that their incredibly stringent standards are met, Halo manufactures all of their remarkable e-liquids within their own state-of-the-art clean room. This leaves no potential for error or shortcoming by third parties, as Halo overseas and controls each and every step of the manufacturing process.

In addition to their incredible clean room, Halo’s 100,000 square-foot facility, which is now located in Florida, houses a dedicated team of leading experts who spare no expense in the making of Halo’s extensive e-liquid line. Before a Halo e-juice is released to the public, Halo takes painstaking measures to ensure that the flavors are incredibly rich, well-balanced, and authentic-tasting. To accomplish this, Halo undertakes a rigorous multi-step testing process, whereby each new flavor undergoes an unsurpassed level of inspection and meticulous scrutiny by experts in the field. If any of Halo’s standards are not met, the e-liquid will be rejected and reprocessed until it has reached unrivaled perfection.

This steadfast commitment to unequaled excellence has been the cornerstone of Halo’s guiding principles since the very inception of the company. As such, Halo has been able to achieve their ultimate goal with flying colors—to provide the absolute best vaping experience possible for their customers. Halo’s passion for the vaping industry and their devotion to their customers explains why Halo is not only one of the most trusted brands within the industry, but also illustrates why they have received such a staggering amount of awards and accolades

Under the Nicopure Labs umbrella, this truly phenomenal company now offers an array of exceptional e-liquids under various brand names, including Halo, Evo, and Purity. With customers from all across the globe, Halo’s fantastic liquids deliver a flavorful, well-balanced, and consistent product that you can always rely on. With tobacco, menthol, fruit, dessert, and drink flavors to select from, There E-Liquids are perfect for vapers with all wants, needs, and preferences.

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