SMOKTech, or SMOK, is the flagship brand of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Corporation Ltd. One of the oldest and most prolific companies in vaping, SMOK has been known for pushing the envelope and setting trends throughout its existence. While many current vapers are familiar with its popular TFV line of sub-ohm tanks, SMOK was broadening vaping horizons well before those tanks broke onto the scene. From being one of the first companies to use dual coils, implementing Bluetooth technology into vaping devices, and raising the bar for cloud production in sub-ohm tanks, SMOK has been a vapor industry trendsetter.

Over the years, SMOKTech has established a track record of offering top quality at low prices. Beyond that, it has also been at the forefront of many noteworthy trends. Dual-coil cartomizers showed a different level of flavor and vapor than anything else available at the time. Bluetooth connectivity, while still in its nascent stages for vaping, has all kinds of potential, and there is no doubt that SMOK will test the limits of this growing portion of the vaping industry. Their TFV line of coils introduced a whole new caliber of vapor production for sub-ohm tanks.

SMOK’s biggest impact on the modern vaping industry was made with the TFV4. It set a new standard for sub-ohm tanks in terms of vapor production. It also started the trend of offering multiple types of coils for a tank. There are literally dozens of TFV4 coils available, including multiple rebuildable (RBA) options. The coils range from simple dual-coil setups, to stainless steel for temperature control, to otherworldly octuple Clapton coils. While it was common for manufacturers to offer two coil options, SMOK introduced a new level of diversity with its TFV8 tank and coils. This trend continues today with the TFV12 Cloud Beast King and Prince tanks.

The company’s mods have always been experimental and impactful. For many vapers, SMOK devices had many “firsts” to the market. From telescoping tube mods to box mods that can be controlled via Bluetooth, it has broadened the scope of vaping devices. Its research & development team has created several designs that have influenced the entire vaping industry, from LED lights to touch screens, duodenary coils, and more. While many of its competitors have tried to imitate its designs and technology, vapers were first able to enjoy most of these innovations on a SMOKTech device. Many of their contemporaries have consistently been playing catch-up.

SMOK has been one of the vaping world’s true pioneers. With an enormous amount of impactful devices in its catalog, the company has a long and well-earned reputation as one of the vaping industry’s strongest and most influential producers. While many of its competitors copied others, SMOK made original products. While many were content to follow trends, it established them. SMOK is responsible for some of the best vaping products available and for pushing the entire industry forward. Obsession Vape Store Egypt is proud to carry SMOKTech products, and we are positive you will be extremely satisfied with their wide variety of tanks, mods and coils.