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Since we started in the market in 2014 we have successfully taken the vaping community in Egypt to a whole new level and we thrive to continue bringing the most respected brands and up to date technology to suit everyone’s need and help as many smokers to switch to a better, safer alternative.

Obsession Vape Store Egypt . One Of The Oldest Entity In Egypt .Our Online Website Stablished Since 2014 . Obsession Vape Store Classified As Best Online Vape Store In Egypt . Obsession Vape Store Specialize in Imported Premium E-liquid. Mods, Vape Kits, Disposable Vapes , Pod Systems. Also Authentic Rebuildables Tank Atomizers RTA, RDA, RDTA , Disposable Pods. Obsession Vape covers All Vape Products You Needs . Also Provide Product Guarantee . 14 Days Against Product Manufacturing Defects and (Not The Messy Usage Or The Poor Knowledge Of Using The Product) . Kindly Watch Reviews Before Purchasing To Make Sure That The Product Matches Your Needs All Electronic Cigarettes Products 100% Original Online E Cigarettes Shop  Follow Us ( Instagram , Facebook )

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We have 1 sale channel in Cairo Egypt https://ovseg.com Website .